Should You Use Free Weights During Your Exercise Regimen?

In the gym, you are given a wide variety of things to exercise with. You've got cardio machines, weight training machines, yoga classes, pilates classes, yogalates classes, boxing, cycling and aerobics to name a few. Anything and everything that can be physically challenging will present itself to you in some way at the gym.

Amidst all these choices, one humble piece of equipment never fails to become the gym buff's favorite – free weights. Free weights are essentially just dumbbells that you use for strength training, weight training and everything related to that. So should you add in some free weights? Perhaps you should.

1. If you wish to add some strength, you definitely should.

Strength training is definitely an important part of your exercise if you want to feel stronger and healthier. With free weights, you're given the freedom to perform your exercise as to how you see fit. The advantage over free weights from machines is that you're not restricted to just one range or angle of motion. With free weights, you can actually adjust your angle so that you could make your exercise more effective or more comfortable. And the best part of free weights is that you can actually buy some plates and some bars and you can do your exercise from home. You can also work on a wide range of muscles with free weights as well. You can work on your biceps, triceps, shoulders, your chest, your thighs, and practically almost all the muscles in your body.

2. It's a lot cheaper to buy rather than some fancy exercise machine.

Let's face it. Free weights are definitely cheaper than machines. If you don't have the time to hit the gym, it would be a good idea do have a set of free weights at home so that you could do some exercise whenever you feel like it. Pumping iron would be a great way as well to release some stress when you've had a long day. If you're on a tight budget or struggling to find some space for your exercise equipment, free weights can actually save you a lot of space in your home. And in terms of budget, it can save you a bundle or two as well. Machines cost as much as twenty thousand dollars and free weights could cost as low as a hundred dollars. See the difference?

3. Free weights are still quite the popular piece of exercise equipment – and for good reason.

Haven't you noticed that most of the people with nicely toned bodies use free weights more than they would exercise machines? It's because it still hasn't outlived its purpose. Free weights are more effective and a more liberated piece of equipment than that of exercise machines. Free weights are liberated in a sense that you're not just restricted to one area of exercise. If you want to lift some weights in front of a mirror, you could. With machines, you really don't have the freedom of choosing where to perform your exercise.